Positions Available

We are hiring!

Postdoctoral Fellows: Talented recent PhD students (within 1 year of degree), or PhD students on the verge of graduation are encouraged to apply for postdoctoral training in the lab. Please e-mail Martha Bhattacharya directly with a cover letter and CV. Alternatively, you may apply through the available posting (up in Oct 2017) at https://uacareers.com.

PhD students: We are actively recruiting PhD students! If you are already here at UA and interested in a rotation, please contact Martha Bhattacharya directly to arrange for a rotation experience. If you are not yet at UA and interested in the graduate program, please contact the office of the program of your choice; Dr. Bhattacharya cannot answer inquiries from prospective applicants unless you are selected for an interview.

Undergraduate students: Undergraduate research positions in the lab generally begin with an intensive summer immersion experience, under the guidance of a more senior lab member. Please apply through the UBRP program if interested in a summer research position (summer 2018). Once a summer experience is complete, academic year research may continue as a volunteer, or for course credit (minimum 10 hrs/week over 2 days of the week). A brief in-person interview is required; please contact Martha Bhattacharya directly.